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Irinah Basketball

On the 21st of September 2016, it was clear that the Irinian dragons were everywhere within the MPH- supporting their fellow housemates with obvious enthusiasm. It was an important day for Irinians, whether they’re one of the basketball players or not; if Irinah’s Seniors Basketball team wins against Alia with a score gap that is bigger than the score gap Jawahir won against Alia… then Irinah will emerge Champion!! Not to mention, Irinah’s Juniors Basketball team were also looking to dominate during the Interhouse Basketball Competition. 

During the Seniors match, it was very clear that Irinians dominated from the very beginning. With the first score going to Irinah (shot by Hazierah Housna), the atmosphere was intense and optimistic. By half-time, at 8-0, the Irinians were definitely eyeing for the trophy. However, after the break, Alia’s seniors did fight back and gained some momentum with 4 points going to their house. Despite this comeback by Alia, Irinah persevered. With amazing points shot by Carol, Munira and Housna, Irinah was unstoppable. In the end? Irinah’s senior basketball team won by 10-4 and secured 1st place. What a team! 

For the Juniors team, Irinah won 3rd place. Although we didn’t win 1st or 2nd place, the effort being put into the Juniors game was amazing. None of the players gave up right until the final whistle and that’s the most important value a player can have! Not to mention, they’re all definitely worthy of the applause. 

To conclude, a massive congratulations for the Seniors team and a huge applause for the Juniors team. We all experience wins and losses, the most important thing, though cheesy as it may be, is to learn from them, to keep improving. Through rigorous and continuous practice, I have the outmost confidence all you Irinians can overcome all the hardships you may face!