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Irinah Cross Country

Cross Country is the one event that made all of us, Irinians trained our butts off for two months. Well, it would be an exaggeration to say that we trained like how the Spartans did but the first few trainings did leave us with muscle aches which have now turned into fond memories. We portrayed great commitment towards this event and it definitely paid off.

Our first house run was really tiring but we all persevered. As the weeks passed, it was a common sight to see us, Irinians running around the school grounds weekly.

Finally, on the actual day of cross country, we were all feeling jittery yet excited at the same time. This was the day we have all trained hard and sacrificed our evening naps for. Before running, we warmed up together to warm up before Kamilia, our dear Deputy House Captain, reiterated what our Houseparent, Ms Angie, kept reminding us, “Each and every one of you is already a Champion to us. So just go out and give your best!” We were all clearly feeling nervous but her warm words of motivation and bright smile made us feel much better.

The race started with juniors first followed by the seniors. One by one, we completed the run. Undeniably, the highlight of the day was when Irinah was crowned with double championship! We won for both the Junior and Senior girls’ categories. Each and every one of us definitely did play a vital role in contributing to the title. Regardless whether we were slow or fast runners, we all gave our level best and we won as one. Cross country has left us feeling united and stronger than ever.