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Visit to Joy Garden

On 12th June 2016, about 40 members of KTJ Interact Club paid a visit to an old folk’s home, Joy Garden in Semenyih. The purpose of the trip was to provide opportunity for members to engage in local community service and expand the activity of KTJ Interact Club to benefit the local underprivileged community.

Upon reaching Joy Garden, we were greeted by Mr Chin, the elder in charge who briefed us on the tasks they would need our assistance. We were spilt into two groups. The first group, which consisted of mainly boys, went under the sun to help with the gardening work, while the girls, were assigned to help with the cleaning of the old folks’ rooms and spent time with the old folks.

Some of the Interactors helped carried in groceries that were donated. The old folks seemed happy to have people to share their stories with and they certainly felt grateful to have some helping hands around.

Mr. Chin shared with us some life experience. He told us we should always appreciate our parents and be grateful for all that they have done for us. We definitely agree with what he said. Some members bought the cacti sold by the home as an act of support.

Needless to say, visiting the old folk’s home was definitely a humbling experience for all of us and we certainly gained a lot of insight through this visit. We had the chance to experience a smidge of what our parents have done for us back home and learned some life lessons from the old folks. As the saying goes, we always receive more when we give.