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Awesome Alumni!

It is with great pleasure that we confirm that our KTJ Alumni, Gaston Chee has been nominated as one of the Top 5 Finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at The British Business Awards 2014, for his company, BeGo Ltd. BeGo Ltd are a Student Support Specialist aimed at international students, helping new (and established) students relocate and acclimatize quickly and easily into student life in the UK. For more, click here

As the Chinese and British governments' most important commercial awards, British Business Awards has been the subject of much attention. To be nominated as one of the top five finalists is a great affirmation and encouragement to a young enterprise. Gaston is grateful to everyone who has been involved with BeGo, by virtue of hard work, innovation, dedication, perseverance and entrepreneurship.

BeGo stood out from more than 250 outstanding British companies, and became one of the five finalists for the British Best Entrepreneur Award!

Please see attached for the confirmation from the British Chamber of Commerce.

Please vote for BeGo here: