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Assistance with University Applications



For students in the Sixth Form who need interview practices, the staff in the Sixth Form Centre organise regular training sessions. External interviewers also come to KTJ to provide such training to prepare our students for university interviews.

Visits from universities

There are regular visits from many famous and popular universities, such as London School of Economics, University of Nottingham and Imperial College. Students are exposed to different courses these universities offer as well as general information of the universities themselves. Students also have opportunities to interact with the lecturers and professors from these universities.

Help with personal statements

The team of staff in the Sixth Form, ably assisted by a group of Tutors, help every student with personal statements. The statements go through many drafts, following consultations with various teachers and tutors, before they are finalised and submitted. 


Preparatory classes for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are provided for Sixth Form students at KTJ who do not have an English language qualification for the universities to which they are applying. IELTS preparatory classes develop all four English macro-skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) and explore a wide range of exam techniques so that students can complete all parts of the test with confidence and success. In so doing, students acquire control of many of the academic genres they will encounter at university.
At KTJ, particular attention is placed on writing as test results indicate that this is where IELTS candidates experience the most difficulty. Preparation for writing focuses on developing students’ abilities to analyse and answer all parts of questions, build coherent arguments, convey meanings precisely and draw logical conclusions. Throughout the course, students receive detailed teacher feedback, and learn to assess their own work, either independently or with peers, by establishing accurate links between their mock IELTS tests (including recorded mock IELTS interviews) and IELTS assessment criteria. Students at KTJ also receive assistance with the IELTS application process from both Student Support Services and the Examinations Office. KTJ students take IELTS with the British Council.  


This course is designed to help Sixth Form KTJ students prepare effectively for the Reading and Writing sections of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), an examination that is used for university admissions throughout the United States.

At KTJ, students are first given a diagnostic test so that their strengths and areas for improvement may be identified accurately. The course then focuses on providing students with the guidance they need to maximise their scores by helping them set individual targets, develop personalised study plans and make successful use of various test-taking strategies. Finally, while working tactically through sample questions and practice tests from the test-maker (the College Board), students develop competent techniques for vocabulary-building, structuring grammatically correct sentences, reading critically, speed-reading and writing essays. Because strong critical thinking skills are crucial for success in both the Writing and Reading sections of the SAT, students are given plenty of opportunities to work jointly with teachers and peers, and then independently, on text analysis, topic development and sound argument construction. 

I like KTJ teachers because they are funny
Shariq - Year 1
I like KTJ teachers because they are funny
Shariq - Year 1