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At KTJ International Primary School, we have developed a curriculum model based on the knowledge, skills, understanding and range of competencies children will require as they progress through primary and secondary school - we aim to prepare our children for their ongoing education, for an ongoing love of learning and for life in the 21st Century. 

At KTJ we follow the British National Curriculum for English, Mathematics and Science and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for the other primary subjects.  Our curriculum enables us to provide academic rigor and preparation for secondary school as well as an engaging and creative learning experience for the children.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum allowing the children to develop their interests and talents. Our curriculum also places an emphasis on the importance of the core areas of literacy, numeracy and science. Character development and the personal learning goals of enquiry, thoughtfulness, co-operation, respect, communication, adaptability, resilience and morality are key to our curriculum as are the school's values of compassion, empathy and mutual-respect. We aim to guide learners in developing fundamental competencies and content knowledge to solve problems, think laterally and fully engage with the world around them.

Our provision is from Early Years (Nursery and Reception - ages 3 - 5), Year 1 (5-6), Year 2 (6-7) , Year 3 (7-8), Year 4 (8-9), Year 5 (9-10) and through to Year 6 (10-11).


To learn more about our curriculum please click on the link below:

Curriculum Information for Parents


I like KTJ because I don’t have to keep carrying my bag everywhere!
Hudzail - Year 4
I like KTJ because I don’t have to keep carrying my bag everywhere!
Hudzail - Year 4