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Why Board?

KTJ has boarding from the Secondary School from the age of 11. The academic advantages of boarding life are well documented and are reflected in KTJ’s excellent examination results. The students complete their work in the evenings, in Houses, under the direct supervision of staff qualified in a wide variety of academic subjects. Our boarders can seek help from the staff whenever they have problems completing assignments, or with their preparatory work. This ensures that they can be well-prepared for classes and are not left struggling alone with difficult problems.

The international nature of our boarding, with students coming from over twenty different countries to take advantage of all that KTJ has to offer, is another bonus. Children learn to understand different peoples and cultures by making friends and living in a thriving and diverse community based on mutual respect; this is excellent preparation for the increasingly international adult world.

As children get older they are likely to find the numbers in their bedrooms diminish, with perhaps two or three sharing up to the age of 16, with single study bedrooms the norm for Upper Sixth students preparing for university. The older the students are, the more likely they are to have well-established friendships and they will almost certainly wish to spend more time studying: there may be fewer people in the room, but their desks and shelves will be more laden.

Boarding is becoming increasingly popular: parents are happy that their child is less dependent on their home and family as they embark on the path towards young adulthood. Parents remain safe in the knowledge that someone will be on duty to check that their son or daughter does not stay awake, working all night, at the expense of tomorrow's lessons, without getting into the kind of argument that can generate when it's Mum or Dad doing the nagging. Young people enjoy the ‘half-way house' between home and university too - they feel more independent, but good meals appear at regular intervals, their rooms are not allowed to degenerate into a mess, and they can take advantage of the opportunities to take part in sports, music, plays, or the huge number of other activities offered by the school.

At all ages of boarding, KTJ offers comfortable, pleasant accommodation, with communal areas such as common rooms, House libraries and pantries, which are wellequipped and have the advantage of staff supervision, ensuring that students learn to respect other users and the facilities at their disposal.

All Houses are overseen by friendly, professional, committed and dedicated Houseparents, for whom the happiness of the boarding house depends upon the happiness of individual boarders and the strength of the relationships they build with each other. Often, Houseparents become the most significant people in a child's boarding life - whatever the age of the child - and they take that privilege very seriously indeed.

I like KTJ because the swimming pool is nice
San Kok - Year 1
I like KTJ because the swimming pool is nice
San Kok - Year 1