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Primary School Teachers


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Alexandra Backhouse (Assistant Head of Primary and Year 6 Teacher):

Alex Backhouse is from England and has been teaching for 11 years. The first 7 years were spent teaching in an inner city school in Leeds, West Yorkshire, where she taught years 1 to 5. During her time there, she became the Interventions Manager, looking at the effectiveness of different interventions throughout the whole school and also the Special Needs Coordinator. In Nepal, she enjoyed trekking and cycling in the national parks but she didn’t enjoy the cold weather in the winter so she decided to come back to Malaysia for the warmer weather and tastier food! 

Kris Davis (Head of Key Stage 1 and Year 2 Teacher):

Kris joined KTJ from England in January 2015 as a Year 1 teacher, having previously taught in Exeter, Devon for 4 years. He studied at the University of Bath before completing his PGCE from the University of Plymouth in 2011. Kris believes learning is a lifelong journey and thinks that KTJ is a great place for children to develop their wide range of individual skills and talents. In his spare time Kris is a keen sportsman and loves to play football and cricket as well as travelling to and visiting new places. 

Vivian Elizabeth Pereira (Early Years Teacher):

Vivian is from Malaysia. She was mostly educated in Malaysia, but obtained her Montessori Diploma (A.M.I) Early Childhood Learning from Hyderabad, India. She has had the privelege of working with children for many years now and has gained a treasure trove of experiences from these little ones.  She would not change her job for all the "tea in China".

Simone Nicola Felix (Reception Teacher): 

Simone is a loving and cheerful teacher.  She has been teaching for 8 years enjoys listening to music, reading and of course, having fun with family and friends. 

Christina Garner (Year 1 Teacher):

Christina is from New Zealand and has been teaching for 6 years. She has taught from Reception to Year 2 and has been working in Dubai for the past 3 and a half years. Christina is excited to work with the wonderful children and families at KTJ and can't wait to meet them all. She is an avid netball player and enjoys travelling with her husband who is also a teacher at KTJ.  

Paige Hardisty (Year 1 Teacher):

Paige joined KTJ in January 2018, having flown in from South Africa. She was born and raised in Kenya and moved to South Africa to study. Having obtained an honours degree in Sociology at Rhodes University, she was then able to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher and completed her PGCE. Paige has spent time teaching in year 7 in South Africa and is excited to start a new adventure in Malaysia. She likes to embrace challenges and is looking forward to getting to know the children and family of KTJ. Paige is looking forward to exploring Malaysia and all it has to offer as well as making new friends along the way!

Grace Njogu (Year 2 Teacher):

Grace is from England and have taught Year 1, 3,4,5. She has previously worked in Nepal, UK and have just come from working in Kazakhstan for the last six years. Grace is excited at joining KTJ, meeting the wonderful children and great staff that work at KTJ.  She is also a qualified zumba instructor and looking forward to having zumba classes for both staff and children.  

Grainne McFlynn (Year 3 Teacher):

Gráinne was born and grew up in a small, countryside area in Ireland.  She completed her PGDE at The University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, and enjoyed teaching in the Highlands of Scotland during her probation year.   Gráinne likes to mix travel with work so she can get to know and understand the different cultures a bit more clearly.  She has spent time living and teaching in New Zealand, Abu Dhabi and Oman.  In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors, hiking, running and cycling.  She is really looking forward to teaching the year three students at KTJ and exploring the beautiful, Malaysian countryside.

Anna Dass (Year 3 Teacher):

Anna moved from England to Malaysia in February 2014, with her family, including her two children who are studying at KTJ. She joined Year 3 in August having previously worked within Key Stage 1 and Early Years, at a School in London. In her spare time Anna enjoys reading and exploring the wonderful places in South East Asia, sampling different foods and meeting wonderful people.

James Prigmore (Year 4 Teacher):

James arrived at KTJ from teaching at an international school in Italy for 6 years across KS1 and KS2. He has previously taught in South Korea and in England where he worked in pupil referral units in deprived areas. James is particularly interested in English and history and loves sports of all kinds. 

Daniel Lloyd Marr (Head of Key Stage 2 and Year 4 Teacher):

After a short spell teaching EAL, Daniel entered the mainstream classroom by gaining experience as a teaching assistant. This soon led to him gaining a PGCE from Buckingham University whilst working in an international school in Beijing, where he worked for 6 years. Daniel now comes to KTJ with his wife as the KS2 Coordinator and is excited about the fresh, new challenges that the school and life in Malaysia have to offer. Daniel's interests include fitness, travelling and photography.

Michelle Fletcher (Year 5 Teacher):

Michelle graduated from The University of Canterbury in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Arts and a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Primary). She enjoyed teaching in New Zealand before embarking on a year of English teaching in Korea. Loving her time in the ROK, Michelle took up a position at an international school there for three years. Michelle has a passion for speech and drama and has attained her letters (ATCL) through Trinity College. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys dancing, diving and hiking and is looking forward to exploring Malaysia and this corner of the globe.

Ryan Phillips (Year 5 Teacher):

Ryan is from England but grew up in Germany and Northern Ireland. He has taught in Thailand, East London and Mongolia. He loves to travel and find new adventures. During his free time he enjoys Rugby, History and Art.  Ryan is a passionate teacher who believes learning should be real so it is memorable. In the short time he has been at KTJ he has been really impressed by the children's behaviour and general attitude to learning. 

Neil Matheson (Year 6 Teacher):

Neil is from New Zealand and graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Arts. He also gained a graduate qualification in Event Management before traveling overseas to Korea to teach English. While in Korea, he pursued a teaching qualification through Teach-Now in Washington DC, which led to him enjoying opportunities to teach at an international kindergarten and an international school. In his spare time, Neil enjoys sports, music and spending time in the outdoors.


Early Years: Indra Dewi Suda Singh- with Vivian Pereira 

Early Years (Reception): Rosely Siluvai - with Simone Felix

Year 1: Aisywerryah Rajasheghar - with Christina Garner

Year 2: Annah Joseph - with Kristopher Davis

Year 2: Tengku Zainab Zanariah Bt Tengku Mohd Amin- with Grace Njogu

Year 2: Suhashini a/p Tamichilluan- with Grace Njogu

Year 3: Rimante Songailaite- with Grainne Mcflynn

Year 3: Tie Ing Ing - with Anna Dass

Year 4: Imelda Francis - with James Prigmore 

Year 4: Nor Aimi Saleh- with Daniel Marr

Year 5: Vethanayagi Jaram - with Michelle Fletcher

Year 5: Anna-Marie Moss - with Ryan Phillips

Year 6: Sethu Rajeswari (Rajes) - with Neil Matheson

Year 6: Eileen Hughes - with Alexandra Backhouse



Dominique Frost:

After graduating at the University of Avignon, Dominique came to the UK to obtain an equivalent of her French degree in the University of Humberside and Lincolnshire. in 2007, she decided to change her career and did her teacher training in Chichester. She taught 7 years in a prep school in the UK and then moved to the UAE for 3 years with her husband and daughter Amélie. In her spare time, Dominique enjoys running, reading and meeting new people through travelling.


Hussin Sahid


Moorthi Velu:

Moorthi Velu is a teacher of Business Studies, Malay,History and Morals.  He is House Tutor for Imran.  Has been in KTJ since 1995.  He graduated from the Science University of Malaysia in Bachelor of Education and finished his Masters in Business Administration from the National University of Malaysia.

Ruaida Ibrahim:

Ruaida is a Malay teacher who has taught at KTJ for 14 years. She has been teaching Malay Language for more than 25 years for local and international students, and expatriates. She pursued her M.Sc.(Corporate Communication) from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She is involved in the International Youth Awards activities.



Lim Chwee Ping:

Jacklyn Lim is a Music (classroom and piano) and Chinese teacher who has been teaching for more than 20 years in International Schools. She graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia and is a registered teacher in Australia and Malaysia. She enjoys challenging work, being creative and exploring. She loves teaching Mandarin, using ICT as a teaching tool and always tries to create fun activities for her students. 

Low Bee Lan:

Yvonne graduated from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with a degree in Mass Communication. She has been working as a Mandarin Teacher in Malaysia and Germany since 2000. Teaching makes her happy and a feeling of fulfillment!



Kelly Hooi Jia Li:

Kelly is a Primary School music teacher who joined KTJ in August 2013. She graduated from The University of Newcastle, Australia. She loves to play different musical instruments and likes soap making.

Shivon  Sigrid Anita Veal:


Ooi Tze Yang: 

Ooi Tze Yang is from Penang, where he has lived for 28 years. He has been working as a PE teacher for 5 years and was Head of PE in St Christopher's International Primary School in Penang. He likes to play water polo, swimming and go jogging during free time. He loves coaching swimming and is keen to get the kids in the beautiful pools in KTJ for some swimming teaching and training!

Joshua Lee Xung Rong:

Joshua was born in Seremban. He holds the Bronze Medallion, Emergency First Response (EFR) and Swimming Teaching Certificate (STC) for his role in the primary and secondary schools as swimming teacher. His aim is to make the lessons as fun, easy to understand, effective and safe as possible. He always promotes swim-health, swim-safe and swim-fun into his teaching.


Head of Student Support Services and EAL

Deryk Mathieu Powles Fournier: 

Deryk Fournier, Head of Student Support Services and EAL Coordinator, studied in Canada, France and England. He arrived at KTJ in August, after 9 Years in Beijing. He is especially excited about discovering, with his daughters and Anna, Malaysia and its diverse food culture. Indeed, in his spare time, he enjoys eating. 

English Additional Language (EAL)

Emma Davidson:

Having been an EAL teacher to students aged from 5 to 75 at the British Council, Kuala Lumpur for 7 years, Emma joined KTJ as Head of Operations to help start the Primary school. Now she's back to her first love and teaching the Primary school's EAL students and the Secondary school's IELTS candidates. As an Executive Committee member of the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia, she is also extremely dedicated to her mission of exposing KTJ'ers and other bright students to intellectual invigoration through outreach events such as The Oxbridge & KTJ Annual Debating Forum and The Annual Oxbridge & KTJ Engineering Workshop.

Amanda Luukinen:

After securing a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and working 10 years in this field throughout the U.S., Amanda pursued a dream of teaching English in Asia. Since completing a TESOL course in 2015, she has taught at private institutions in SE Asia. Amanda now assists in teaching EAL throughout the KTJ Primary School. In her free time she enjoys all things vegetarian, writing and travelling throughout Asia. 

Special Educational Needs

Esther Yates:

Esther is the Primary School Special Educational Needs Coordinator. She comes from the North East of England. She previously worked in a school for Special Educational Needs for 4 years after which she and her husband decided to change their lives and move to this lovely part of the world. 



Joshua Lee Xung Rong:

Joshua was born in Seremban. He holds the Bronze Medallion, Emergency First Response (EFR) and Swimming Teaching Certificate (STC) for his role in the primary and secondary schools as swimming teacher. His aim is to make the lessons as fun, easy to understand, effective and safe as possible. He always promotes swim-health, swim-safe and swim-fun into his teaching.