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Counselling Support


The counselling service complements the existing pastoral support offered at KTJ. It is a confidential, student-centred service aimed at promoting emotional health and wellbeing amongst students. Students are provided with a safe place to express their feelings and thoughts about what they perceive to be an issue in their life. Counselling can help young people understand themselves and their situations better, providing them with new ways to cope with issues that cause them concern, thereby increasing their capacity for learning.

KTJ’s counsellor, a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), helps students with any new, ongoing and/or intermittent issues that may be impacting on their overall well-being. Reasons for seeking counselling may include: difficulties in peer relationships; exam stress; worries about school work and performance; family problems; bereavement; adjusting to the lifestyle of a boarding school; anxiety; or low self esteem or self worth.

Counselling is confidential and, in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the BACP, remains so unless disclosure is legally required, meaning that all information is protected against improper disclosure. If the counsellor decides that disclosure is necessary, then the individual’s consent is obtained and the resulting procedure is explained fully.

The counsellor works according to a student-centred ethos that may include the use of a variety of strategies to support individuals. These include offering an empathetic ear, assisting with decision-making, managing anger and behaviour, setting goals and developing stress management techniques.

Students may refer themselves for counselling, or may seek an appointment at the suggestion of a teacher, parent or friend.

In addition to professional counselling, KTJ has a peer counselling service that provides students with support, companionship and a friendly ear as well as advice and strategies to adjust to life at KTJ. The peer counsellors have been specifically trained in active listening skills and offer their services voluntarily to the school, thereby helping to create a warm and amicable environment for all KTJ students.

The KTJ teachers are friendly and attentive
Sixth Form
The KTJ teachers are friendly and attentive
Sixth Form