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We have 8 boarding Houses at KTJ. 4 senior boys houses, 3 senior girls houses and 1 junior house where boys and girls are in the same house, but on separate sides. The senior houses are for students in forms 3–6 and the junior house is for students in forms 1-2.

The boarding houses are very well staffed. Our structure includes the Houseparent, who is the main person responsible for your child’s personal welfare, alongside the Deputy Principal who is in charge of pastoral care.

The houseparent is a trained and well experienced, academic member of staff. They will often be the first point of contact for students and parents with any questions or concerns. The houseparent is supported by house tutors and matrons, who will also live within the house. House staff have a number of years of experience, and in most cases, come from boarding school backgrounds.


Houseparents seek to promote the positive growth and development of the students in their care by encouraging good standards of activity and conduct. At the heart of this role is the challenge of ensuring that each student is enabled to foster his or her self esteem, that each student has his or her accepted niche in the House, and that each and every student ‘belongs’ in the broadest sense.

House Tutors

In each boarding house, there are two House Tutors assisting the Houseparents. They work together as a team to support and guide each student to achieve their best potentials as well as to develop the house as a whole. This tutor system gives an additional avenue for students to share concerns.


There is a team of Matrons who collectively look after the health and laundry needs of students. The Matrons also assist in ensuring a high standard of cleanliness is maintained in the houses. Students often approach Matrons to share their concerns and seek assistance when needed.

I think KTJ is the best school ever!!! The playground is gigantic and the pool is amazing.
James - Year 4
I think KTJ is the best school ever!!! The playground is gigantic and the pool is amazing.
James - Year 4