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Trips and Residentials


KTJ organises many trips, both within Malaysia and abroad, ranging from educational trips to faraway countries to recreational trips within the locality.


As an active member of this organisation, KTJ takes part regularly in inter-school sports and music festivals. Our students have benefitted and enjoyed these sporting competitions in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan. Our musicians and singers similarly take part in festivals held in countries in the region.

Outward Bound

For the last twenty years, our Sixth Form students have attended an outdoor adventure programme in Lumut, Perak. The benefits this physically-challenging course offer to our students is immense in that we see our students realising their untapped potentials, developing their personal mindset and working effectively in a team.

Trips to different countries

Educational trips and homestay student programmes are organised annually for our students. Each year, there are at least three such trips. The countries visited so far include South Korea, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Australia, France, Russia, New Zealand, Holland, Taiwan as well as other countries in the region. Some clubs and societies organise their own trips as well. The Model United Nations group, for example, took part in conferences in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Charity Trips

KTJ students’ enthusiasm for charitable work is clearly seen by the number of trips undertaken to charitable organisations and institutions. Many of our clubs lead the way in raising funds to support these organisations. Students also lend their time and effort to these needs. Examples of these range from supporting the local orphanages and volunteering at the local zoo to raising funds for wildlife conservation in Africa and emergency reliefs in disaster-hit regions.

House Nights

The boarding houses organise house nights on termly basis. These nights allow for activities that bring new students and current students together, creating bond and camaraderie that will serve them well throughout their stay here and beyond.

House Competitions

Interhouse competitions are held at least twice a term. There are two categories, senior and junior, for every sporting event. Some of the competitions are football, netball, swimming, athletics, cross-country, rugby and hockey. Houses also take part in the annual and highly successful House Singing Competition.


The word ‘exeat’ refers to a weekend leave from the School. There is an exeat very two or three weeks. Students may return home or go to their guardian’s place. They may also, with parental permission, stay elsewhere such as with friends. The School remains fully open, so students may also stay here.

I like learning about dinosaurs and in my art class, it is really fun!
Nadia - Year 4
I like learning about dinosaurs and in my art class, it is really fun!
Nadia - Year 4