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Extra Curricular Activities


There are many different clubs or societies that students may join. If it doesn't exist then students form a new club! Please see below for the full schedule.  Details of some of the clubs on offer are appended below.

Extra Curricular Activities - Term 2 2017/2018

Extra Curricular Activities - Term 1 2017/2018

The Yearbook

The Year Book is a year long commitment. Students choose whether they work on articles on school events or design (using software such as Photoshop or InDesign) and put together the entire yearbook with the help of teachers. The club involves writing, editing, photography, designing and organising.


KTJ Culinary Club

This club exists to educate people new to the culinary arts, to continue to motivate those already addicted to the enjoyment of eating, and to provide a forum for information exchange around a common interest – food, glorious food!

Students will learn how to prepare and cook wide variety of dishes. 


The debate club researches, discusses and debates current affairs, religious and moral questions. Students are taught how to compete in British Parliamentary style debates. Students are then given the opportunity to take part in regional and national competitions.

There are numerous skills that are improved by being involved with debate such as public speaking, research, presenting ideas and thinking on the spot. 

Maths club

In Maths club – 6th form members and teachers share their maths knowledge with the lower forms. Lower form students are involved with tasks like creating origami, playing maths based card games, maths quizzes and drawing complex shapes.

Students will also be prepared for and take part in, regional and national maths competitions like KMC and MCC. 

Art Club

Art club aims are to give all students, regardless whether they study Art, an opportunity to create pieces of creative expressions in a setting outside their timetable classes. Many Art students also use the club to continue and enhance their coursework.

The Chinese Language and Cultural Club

The Chinese Language and Cultural Club creates the opportunity to organise and participate in activities related to Chinese culture.

The club is involved in organising the Moon Cake Festival celebration, charity works and the Chinese New Year calligraphy competition during Chinese New Year. The club is also planning to give some Mandarin lessons to primary students during their ECAs in the future.


The Forensics club is a multi-discipline club – dedicated to discussing ideas. Members are taught how to improve and practice debate, acting, original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, original interpretation reading and impromptu speaking.

Confused? Well it is all about being able to express yourself in a confident, balanced, organised and humorous way. 

Science Invention Club

Open only to the 6th form, the Science Invention Society gets students involved in experimenting in various scientific fields in the hope of expanding and deepening scientific knowledge. The ultimate goal of the club is to invent a gadget based on the principles learnt. Normal activities include making water rockets, dry ice bombs, smoke bombs and large soap bubbles.

Social Media

Social Media is all about learning how to engage with the wider world. How to write in a clear and engaging way and how to produce video and images that interest and inform others.

The main activities of the club are photography, videography, producing the newsletter for the school's and students' social media needs and presence.

Christian Fellowship

The Christian Fellowship helps students to know the Bible more and how it applies to their lives in different aspects e.g. Honouring parents, forgiveness, generosity, excellence in attitude etc.  We also do bible studies to go through the basic doctrines of God, sin, heaven, hell, redemption and character.

Islamic Society

The Islamic Society helps students to know more about Islam and how it applies to their lives in different aspects of their lives.


In Robotics students gain vital experience in engineering, science, maths, ICT and design technology. Students, build, programme and test robots. Working with everything from Lego to complex computer programmes, the aim of this club is to stimulate the imagination and creativity of students by encouraging them to explore, experience and express themselves through the hands-on program.

Amongst other things, students will predict, collect and analyse data related to the function of robots. They have the opportunity to participate in national and international robotic competitions. 


The chess club is a chance for intermediate and advanced students to play chess socially against each other and for beginners to learn how to play. Last year we hosted a tournament with over 100 players from other schools and chess clubs in the local area.


Linguistics is a student run group. The students discuss a different branch of linguistics each week, giving students a brief introduction to the discipline. The branches include syntax, morphology, semantics, phonetics and phonology. Activities are planned for each session.

The group is discussing the possibility of entering the UK linguistics olympiad.

Malay LCC

The Malay LCC club allows students to explore in more depth the culture and language of the Malay community.


The Anime ECA is run by 6th Formers. Students get to watch animated Japanese cartoons with sub-tittles. The cartoons are handpicked by the 6 form team that run the club.  The ECA helps to give a students an insight into Japanese culture and into the art work of Anime.


Entrepreneurs Club is about business, markets and the economy.


An educational vegetable garden can have several advantages for its students.  Here at KTJ, the vegetable garden on the school premises helps to create and foster respect for the environment by enabling the observation of nature cycles first-hand.

Students are able to learn gardening techniques and learn about modern agriculture and threats to nature and world food supplies. 

I like KTJ because the teachers are so nice to everyone
Cammy - Year 1
I like KTJ because the teachers are so nice to everyone
Cammy - Year 1