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Who are we?


Who we are

Some aspects of the KTJ experience were the same for all of us: dining hall food, spending time at the tuck-shop, house-singing competitions and not forgetting school drills. But when you were here, which house you lived in, where you were from, the sports you were involved in, performances you took part in, your own goals, and the places you found your friends – these were the things that defined your personal experience and sense of community at KTJ.

In the same way, we alumni share a love of our alma mater, yet we relate back to her in our many personal ways. Just as KTJ had allowed you the opportunity to chart your own way, our Alumni Society aims to let you connect back to it in the ways most meaningful to you personally.

The KTJ Alumni Society therefore aims to be a member-focused organisation involving the greatest possible number of former students from KTJ on a regular basis by creating a range of programmes and services seeking to remain engaged with KTJ and each other.

After years of leaving KTJ, we are proud that our alumnus has moved on with their lives, some in tertiary education, some into their careers, and some already being prominent individuals. We are also proud to announce that our alumnus today are covering more than 34 countries in the world. We as a society, strive to leverage on this network that KTJ has provided us. Regardless of whether you were there for just one term or throughout your entire teenage life, you will still be branded as a KTJ alumnus, being part of the KTJ family.

Mission Statement

The KTJ Alumni Society intends to achieve this vision through its mission of

  • Promoting a strong relationship between the Society and KTJ
  • Promoting a sense of KTJ pride among all students and alumni; and
  • Developing an awareness of KTJ's history, accomplishments, programmes and offerings.


The idea of having an alumni organisation was initially conceived by Kenneth Tan in, one of the pioneer students of KTJ. The mantle of leading the fledgling organisation was passed to Leong Yeng Kit, who successfully organised the first major KTJ Alumni event to commemorate the Kolej's 10th anniversary at the Mines Palace of the Golden Horses hotel. Gan Te-Shen took over the leadership and under his direction, the alumni became a legally registered society on 20 September 2010 and is officially known as Persatuan KTJ Alumni Society, Negeri Sembilan. The current President is Mohamed Azlan Shah Shahroldin.


The KTJ Alumni Society regularly organises events both in KTJ and in Kuala Lumpur. There are generally social events organised annually in Kuala Lumpur as well as a major sporting carnival held at KTJ. More recently, we have added an annual gathering in London on our calendar. Our alumnus have also been more involved with KTJ activities such as being a speaker at the Careers Day, being part of the Theatre Sports and representing in the board of judges for the SEA Forensics Competition at ISKL.

With more support coming from both KTJ and our alumnus, the society will be able to achieve greater heights and be more relevant to all. KTJ Alumni activities are not limited to just KTJ and the society as the organising party. We do encourage any suggestions and recommendations from all alumnus, and we are willing to help you host an event if it is to cater for our alumnus. We intend to organise a business networking session in the future, starting with a conference on the Oil and Gas industry as we have identified a vast number of alumnus involved in this industry. This initiative was suggested by one of our alumnus who is willing to host this event.

For more information, keep in touch through one of our channels listed under 'Alumni Contacts'.


In recognition of the fact that our teachers have been a large part of our KTJ experience, in 2011, the KTJ Alumni Society awarded the ‘Pioneer Teachers Award’ to the eight teachers, namely Asogan Arumugam,  Irene Yu,  Krishnan K. Karupannan,  Mohd Pauzi b. Mohd Nor,  Norliza bt Othman,  Sharifah Nura bt Syed Edros, Simon Lai Mun Chew and Zuraidah bt Omar. The Award acknowledges the contribution of these eight educators who had served KTJ since the date of its inception in 1991.

A commemorative plaque setting out the names of the pioneer teachers is mounted at the entrance of the Tuanku Najihah Hall. Each pioneer teacher was also awarded an award certificate which was presented by the Alumni's joint patron YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar.

Stay In Touch

Just because you no longer attend KTJ, it doesn't mean you have to lose touch with KTJ or other schoolmates. The KTJ Alumni Society offers a multitude of ways alumnus can stay involved.  Whether it be attending one of our social events, participating in our numerous sporting events with current students of KTJ, or by following us on one of our social media platforms. We also send out periodical emails to our alumnus, therefore we require you to update your contacts for us to keep our database up-to-date. So whether you still live in Malaysia or have since left its sunny shores, your Alumni Society is always here to advocate for you, enrich your lives and continue to involve you with the traditions of Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar.


You may follow our official Facebook or our Groups page, follow us on Twitter or email us at In the meantime, kindly update our database with your current details by filling up this form. Keep in touch!

Contributed by the KTJ Alumni Society

 You can get in touch with the alumni by contacting Mohamed Azlan Shah Shahroldin, acting President of the KTJ Alumni Society, at or the School via Suresh Naidu at The KTJ Alumni Society can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @ktjalumni.

KTJ is awesome because it has games, activities, education and rabbits!
Kailash - Year 3
KTJ is awesome because it has games, activities, education and rabbits!
Kailash - Year 3